New Training for Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Today’s transformative training took place at the Marsh Creek Community Center, providing a welcoming and conducive space for our community to come together and learn. Hosted by RDU Therapy and facilitated by the esteemed Melanie McCabe, PhD, LP, HSP, the Dialectical Behavior Therapy-STEPS Train-the-Trainer Program offered a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Dr. McCabe’s expertise and passion for empowering individuals were evident throughout the training, as she skillfully guided us through the intricacies of DBT and the STEPS approach. Her wealth of knowledge and practical insights provided us with a solid foundation for effectively supporting our young people and promoting their well-being.

Gathering at the Marsh Creek Community Center, we were surrounded by a sense of unity and shared purpose—a reminder of the strength of our community when we come together to invest in our youth. As we absorbed Dr. McCabe’s teachings and engaged in meaningful discussions, it became clear that we were not just participants in a training program but active agents of change in our community.

The DBT-STEPS Train-the-Trainer Program presented by Dr. McCabe at RDU Therapy has equipped us with the skills, tools, and inspiration needed to continue our mission of supporting our amazing young people. We left the training feeling grateful for the opportunity to learn and motivated to put our newfound knowledge into action.

As we return to our respective roles and responsibilities, let us carry forward the lessons learned and the connections made during this transformative training. Together, let’s strive to do an even better job of supporting our youth, ensuring that they have the resources, guidance, and encouragement they need to thrive.