TRC Changemakers

We serve one another and BIPOC youth who live/learn in southeast Raleigh/eastern Wake County through creating a space safe and healthy environment with hopes of expanding to create change that constantly uplifts the BIPOC community. Our goals include:

  • Making a physical safe space for BIPOC youth to come and have access to resources and support not always accessible to them.
  • Educating other BIPOC youth to advocate for equitable change and a more just community and policies.


Articulate, Empathy, Ideation || Will has been working with The Resiliency Collaborative since the fall of 2021. Will loves making an impact on his community, especially when it comes to literacy and education. He is also a journalist for WUNC and amplifies the voices of other youth leaders Will is a senior at Southeast Raleigh High School. A quote Will lives by is “I had a purpose before everybody else had an opinion.” - Jalen Hurts


Restorative, Empathy, Developer II Moani is QPR trained and certified and has been working with The Resiliency Collaborative as a Changemaker since the summer of 2021. Moani is extremely passionate about creating safe spaces for youth in the community and being a supportive peer through active communication and healthy conversations. Moani is a part of the class of 2025 at Needham B Broughton High School and plans to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. A quote Moani lives by is “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”- Maya Angelou.


Strategic, Connectedness, Ideation II Janae has been with TRC as a changemaker since March 2022. The things she enjoys the most are having opportunities to learn social issues in depth and building upon her personal strengths and weaknesses. Janae is a pre-nursing student of North Carolina A&T State University’s class of 2026. She plans to become a nurse anesthetist and establish a non-profit for health inequity within communities of color. A quote Janae lives by is “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive”- Howard Thurman

Karina "Nina"

Connection, Intuitive, Advocate II Karina (“Nina”) was a TRC intern in the Fall of 2022, and became a Changemaker in January 2023. She is passionate about her Changemaker role , not only what she’s learning but what she also has to share. Karina is currently a sophomore at Heritage High School hoping to further her career at NC State University majoring in education to be a teacher. She is grateful for the people around her that personally feel all like family and hopes to expand that family. Words of wisdom that guide Karina are: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” - Barack Obama


Empathetic, Dependable, Positive II Caroline has been an intern with TRC since fall of 2022. Since joining TRC, she is most proud of the community of leaders she is a part of and the opportunities she has been given to become a better person. She enjoys giving back to the Southeast Raleigh community and combating current issues. Caroline is a part of the class of 2025 and plans to continue her education, possibly double majoring in Art History and in another humanities related major. Words of wisdom that guide Caroline are: “You will never know your full potential until you try”- Fortune Cookie


Creative, Devoted, Perceptive II Khayden was an Intern with TRC in the fall of 2022 and became a Changemaker in the Spring of 2023. She joined TRC because the values that were poured into her while growing up align with the work being done at TRC and they appreciate that. The thing they enjoy the most about TRC is being able to connect with their community along with their peers. Khayden has been to recognize the importance of her voice and opinions since joining TRC. They feel more confident in their ability to create change in the world as a Black Woman. She is set to graduate with the class of 2024 and plans to follow their artistic path by attending college for Architecture or Interior Design. Advice that Khayden would give teens is to not stray away from taking a leadership role because they think that being a leader has one look or a certain characteristic.


Caring, Advocate, Positivity || Milisia became a TRC Changemaker in the fall of 2023. They are passionate about advocating for injustice in schooling systems; not only learning, but also sharing her opinions on this topic. As a member of the Class of 2026, Milisia hopes to go to college for architecture and interior design (or to New York for culinary school). She is most grateful for all the people that walk in and out of her life including family and friends. Some words of wisdom from Milisia are, “Be nice to yourself and everyone else. Remember it is thier first life too.”


Grounded, Imaginative, Courteous || Christina joined TRC as an intern in the summer of 2023 before becoming a Changemaker in the fall of 2023. She is passionate about learning more about her community and sharing what she knows. She feels that with knowledge, we can move forward to a brighter way of life. As a member of the Class of 2025, she aspires to a science pathway and attending a college to study biology. A quote that keeps Christina steady is, “Even good things can become bad if they are excessive.” -William Shakespeare


Flexibility, Creative, Enthusiastim II I became a changemaker with TRC in the fall of 2023, and am in the class of 2026. I joined TRC because I want to make a visible difference in the community and help others thrive. I have learned that there is inequity in places that people don’t see, and that it is better to help out instead of judge others. I would advise other teens not get become anxious in their thinking and to learn to ground yourself to refocus rather than be consumed by worrying about something out of their control. A quote that I live by is “Even if you think no one cares to know or wants to know, tell them.”


Hi, I’m Emery. I’ve been doing public speaking since I was in elementary school and am now branching out into community work! As a member of the Class of 2026, I have a love for writing specifically poetry), and I also like to draw occasionally.


Kind, Considerate, Accepting II I became an intern at TRC in the fall of 2023. Through my time with TRC, I have learned how to better communicate with myself as well as better talk things through with others. I am a member of the Class of 2026, and my goal is to become the head of Boston Dynamics IT division before starting my own business. Advice that I would give to other teens is to never stop trying even if you lose sometimes. A quote that I live by is “Perfection is not obtainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” - Vince Lombardi


Consistency, Deliberate, Restorative III became a TRC Changemaker in the fall of 2023. I joined TRC because I noticed that many opportunities are missed out on because of how the systems are structured to the advantage of a particular race which causes disproportionalities to happen -- which I, as a person of color, have experienced. My experience at TRC had positively impacted my personal growth by allowing me to get a sense of awareness of my peer’s own concerns and the overall issues we as a community face from a youth perspective. At TRC, we recognize and discuss issues in the larger community and work in partnership to advocate for change because when you come together as a community it causes a larger ripple effect. Advice that I would give other teens is that its okay to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and to try new things. A quote thatI live by is, “Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world because no one can take it from you.”