Commonly Ask Questions

Wake County high school students (or middle school students taking high school classes, like Math 1) can receive tutoring with the Resiliency Collaborative.  We do NOT serve elementary or middle school students.   

Spots go to the TRC interns first, but if remaining appointment times are available, we open up our tutoring program to any WCPSS high school student.  

We welcome all students, including students with learning differences, 504 plans, IEP’s and ESL students.  

Yes. When tutoring programs charge for their services, it increases the educational equity gap. TRC is passionate about closing that gap, so we offer free services.

Instead of paying for our tutoring services, we ask that your family make a monthly tax-deductible donation via our donation portal – if your family can afford it. Typically families spend between $80-240 on private tutoring per month. We appreciate any amount that you’re able to give. You can find the donation portal here.

We offer tutoring in most high school subjects.  We currently offer tutoring in all Math courses, all Science courses, all History courses, and all English courses.  We also offer French and Spanish tutoring, but currently no other foreign languages.  We do not have tutors for all elective classes, but we are happy to work with you if you have a specific request.  

Our tutoring covers honors, AP, and IB classes as well.

Unfortunately, due to limited staff, we can only serve a student twice a week.  Students are welcome to come for help twice for one subject, or one time each and work on two subjects.  

We are located at 216 S Wilmington Street, directly across the street from the Moores Square Bus Depot. Our building is currently a light blue color. Please press the door buzzer when you arrive and someone will let you in.

You can park in the deck across the street (233 S Wilmington Street). The first 15 minutes are free for parents to pick up and drop off. For the first two hours in the garage, it is $1 per hour. After the first two hours, it goes up to $2 per hour. If the cost of parking means you can not receive tutoring, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to find a solution.

Students under 18 can ride the city bus to our facility for free. To plan your ride, use the following link

  • From South East Raleigh Magnet High School
    • By car: 10 minutes
    • By bus: 18 minutes
  • From Broughton
    • By car: 8 minutes
    • By bus: 18 minutes
    • By foot: 35 minutes
  • From Enloe
    • By car: 9 minutes
    • By bus: 16 minutes
  • From Athens Drive
    • By car: 13 minutes
    • By bus: 40 minutes

Yes. When all of our tutors are currently matched with students, there is a waitlist. When there is an opening in the schedule we will contact the first person on the waitlist. Once we meet the academic needs of our TRC interns, we accept students on a “first come, first serve” basis. We encourage you to sign up at the beginning of the school year. Please do not wait until a week before midterms or finals to book an appointment.

While you are on the waitlist, you may want to pursue other tutoring opportunities. I would recommend Raleigh Tutoring. Run by a former public school teacher, they do a wonderful job. However, they do charge a fee.

You can also pursue online support. is a wonderful free virtual tutoring service for students enrolled in Title 1 schools. Simply sign up, and they will match you with a tutor in any subject!