TRC Academics Policies


TRC Academics exists to assist students in achieving their unique academic goals. We maintain a team of talented, trained tutors ready to assist students in their areas of need. Our tutors are both volunteers from the community and students from local colleges. Appointments are made based on the mutual availability of both student and tutor and the tutor’s areas of expertise. If you are interested in receiving tutoring support, please complete the tutoring request form, or email [email protected].

Tutoring is available by appointment ONLY.
Each individual session will occur at the same time each week with the same tutor and will continue for a long as the student needs assistance. Sessions are one-on-one and can be requested as either in-person or virtual using Google Meet.  Although all tutoring requests are considered, because of our limited resources, students may not request tutoring in more than two subjects. We can only meet with you for a total of 2 hours each week. We require a minimum of 5 sessions with each student. Regular attendance is expected and unexcused absences may jeopardize your tutoring slot.

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel a tutoring session, please email Alexa at [email protected] with at least 24-hour notice. Missing more than 2 sessions without notifying your tutor may result in your sessions being canceled. We offer the option to do a make-up session on Fridays depending on tutor and student availability.

Late Arrival Policy: Tutors are ready to meet at the scheduled time agreed upon by the tutor and student.  No adjustment shall be made for time lost due to the late arrival by the student or by early termination of session by the student. Tutors will wait fifteen minutes from the time of the scheduled session for the student’s arrival before considering that session canceled without sufficient prior notice.

School Holidays and Early Release: When schools are closed, so is TRC Academics. However, you may still do virtual sessions on those days ONLY if you normally meet virtually. On Early Release days, TRC Academics is open, and you will have tutoring at your regular time. If you need to cancel due to transportation on Early Release days, make sure you let us know 24 hours in advance. 

Homework Management

If not involved in a scheduled tutoring session, TRC Academics is a safe, supervised environment available to any high school student who is looking for a quiet space to do their homework.

Our staff is available to help and encourage students to organize their studies and answer general homework questions when time allows. 

Students are expected to follow TRC guidelines.

Post-Secondary Planning

TRC Academics provides help navigating life after high school.  If students plan on attending college, our mentors will help with applications, attending to deadlines, crafting powerful college essays and/or portfolios, finding ways to pay for school, navigating college life, and more.  

At TRC, we realize that college is not the right path for every student. Some students may choose to get a job or an internship after high school. Some students haven’t given life after high school a single thought.  We can help!  Our mentors will help students plan to meet the challenges of “the real world” and assist with finding jobs, internships and other opportunities.   

If you are interested in receiving post-secondary planning support, please email [email protected].

Academic Workshops 

TRC Academics provides free virtual and in-person workshops to help with general academic skills.  We offer workshops focusing on: how to study, how to take notes, how to take tests and deal with testing anxiety, how to handle a heavy reading load, and much more.  

TRC Academics also offers free workshops to help with midterms, finals, and EOC’s.

Standardized Test Prep

TRC Academics will offer SAT and ACT test prep courses in the future.  Please stay tuned as we develop our ability to help with standardized tests.