TRC Academics

The last day of tutoring for the academic year will be May 24th.  We will begin summer tutoring on June 17th.

Why is Tutoring Important?

Our tutors meet one-on-one with the same student each time.  This research-backed approach leads to the following benefits for students:

Improves academic performance

Tutors can customize the lessons and activities for each student to find the right pace and level of rigor. Our program will prepare students for tests and exams while tutors work with students on specific problem areas. Student’s grades and understanding of the subject can significantly improve when working with a tutor.

Improves attitude towards learning and school

With constant encouragement and praise, each student can have a more positive learning experience. Our goal is that students will feel less overwhelmed or frustrated with school.

Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning

With tutoring, students learn to take the initiative with their schoolwork. Our tutoring approach relies on meta-cognitive skills which encourage students to become more aware and active in their own learning process.

Improves self-esteem and confidence

Each student’s self-esteem and confidence can increase through tutoring by providing them with the resources and skills they need to excel in school.

Improves work and study habits

Through tutoring, your child will learn work and study habits they will use for life. These skills help prepare students to successfully achieve their goals both inside and outside of school.

Positive workspace

Tutoring provides an environment free of distractions, with fewer students and disruptions around, so students are better able to focus on learning.

Encourages independence and responsibility

Our program can help avoid some of those parent- child battles about homework. Students will gain the ability to do school work on their own without their parents’ or caregivers’ help. Students will realize their own personal growth and will learn to take responsibility for their studies.

Encourages the freedom to ask questions

At school, students may not feel comfortable asking questions in class. Tutoring helps teach students to be comfortable asking questions, big or small, without feeling self-conscious.

Improves social and behavioral skills

Our tutoring approach helps students build social and emotional skills in addition to academic skills. Our services will help your child become a better communicator, form better relationships, and make more positive social and behavioral adjustments.

Prepares students for college and university

Students heading off to college will learn how to create study plans, develop advanced study skills, and learn superior time management skills.